Frustrated by broken sprinklers?
Do you watch the water go everywhere BUT your lawn?

With over 30 years of experience in the irrigation industry, James Neufeld and his team at Aqua Man (a division of Weed Man) can help you gain control of your water usage, sprinkler coverage, and timer settings to help make your lawn and garden look green and fresh again - without watching the water run down the street!

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Conserving water doesn't have to mean a dead lawn.

Aqua Man Irrigation Solutions is one of the only companies in Fresno and Clovis that offers a comprehensive irrigation maintenance plan for both residential and commercial lawns and landscaping. This means that instead of waiting for something to break, we check your system three times a year to make sure everything is working as efficiently as possible.

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Our water management services go far beyond fixing broken sprinklers.

A healthy landscape environment and watering system will save you both water and money. We check meters, backflow, controllers, valves, the main line, sprinkler heads, and nozzles. We'll program your timer and adjust for the season and watering days and times for your city so you don't get fined for watering outside your schedule.

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